Your child will not only learn to recognize, pronounce, and write each letter but also will learn to identify words beginning with each letter.

Each letter has its very own theme music created especially for this app by Bashiri Johnson.

This app will help kids learn to recognize, pronounce and write the ABCs using acclaimed musician Bashiri Johnson’s new alphabet song!
Children will find the animated robot teacher delightful!

About Bashiri Johnson – The Drum is The Language of groove and communication for Brooklyn born, NYC based, Percussion Artist Bashiri Johnson. Bashiri has added his highly sought after style of percussion to a myriad of hit records, commercials, films, TV, games and live performances across all musical genres.


The Reasons Your Kids Will Love It

  • An animated robot teacher explains each lesson, praises the child and encourages the child to continue each lesson
  • Audio recorded by a child demonstrates each letter, phonetic sound, and word
  • Has a 190 word vocabulary for learning letters and their phonetic sounds and to help them recognize words beginning with each letter
  • Kids learn to write each letter by writing it with their finger right on the screen
  • Two animated robots singing and grooving in music video style to the entirety of Bashiri Johnson’s “The Abc Song” help the kids get excited about learning the lessons and singing along with the alphabet
  • Does not access wi-fi or the internet
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Music for “The Abc Song” is available on iTunes



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The Musical ABCs Reviews

Definitely a five-star app right out of the starting gate!

Excellent educational app for preschool-kindergarten aged children. My 4yo is entering K in the fall & LOVES interactive alphabet apps. I asked him to try this one out and he fell in love right away. From the catchy alphabet song (which had him dancing & singing along) to the letter tracing (his favorite part) to the identification of words starting with the given letter (which is top-notch thanks to the inclusion of excellent pictures and unique word choice), he thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of “The Musical ABCs.”
Only encountered two issues, and they were fairly negligible when compared to the overall quality of the app. #1: at one point, the letter-tracing instructions froze, but we were able to reset them by tapping the pencil. #2: my son has a habit of letting his wrist drop onto the bottom of the iPad screen when tracing the letters, and he kept accidentally tapping the pencil and eraser buttons. Obviously this problem was solved by telling him to keep his wrist up, lol.
Definitely a five-star app right out of the starting gate! I can’t wait to see what future updates may involve, if it’s already this good. Definitely worth the $!!

Review on iTunes by skydala

…sure to be loved by all kids and teachers

This app is really great and interactive the animations are extremely well done. This app is sure to be loved by all kids and teachers!

Review on iTunes by shaseiful

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